Welcome to my streak.  One hundred days of straight Peloton.

My Favorite Gear for the Peloton

My Favorite Gear for the Peloton


Squeaky shoes are apparently the number one peloton complaint.  I usually spray my cleats every two months or so if I start to hear a little squeak.  I use this stuff; it works:


Bike shoes.  If you don't already have bike shoes most folks just go with the Peloton-package that allows you to buy some along with the bike.  I had bike shoes that I already loved and clips that they said would be compatible/clip in with the bike.  I still had to buy the $12 red clips they sell on their site.  Otherwise my shoes squeaked.  Go figure.  

The good thing about cycling shoes is they pretty much never wear out, unlike running shoes where the shock-absorbing plastics break down with the impact.  Anyway, these are my shoes:  



I've had very expensive bluetooth headphones and very cheap ones.  I feel they are about the same.  Also, when your sweat builds up and ultimately ruins the "sweat-proof" bluetooth headphones, you are pissed.  Whereas, if they were cheap, you just shrug and keep it moving.  Here are my cheap picks:



You might think, you don't need a specific towel.  I've discovered that a great microfiber towel in black can save you from a lot of unpleasant smells.  Here's the one's I use:  


I like to plan out for the week what I'll be doing.  I write it out on the weekend and then check it off as I go.  Then, I give myself a little reward of some kind.  Maybe a new sparkly headband.  Here's the one I use:


I like these water bottles for how they close the valve at the front with a very easy mechanism so I can put them in my fridge on their sides.  They are a little bit insulated as well.  I load up with two on the bike for a 45 minute ride. 


These are a holdover from my marathoning days.  They keep annoying fly-aways out of your face, don't move due to the velvety underlayer and are super cute.  


I've been using Garmin for Heart Rate for ten years. For more about the importance of heart rate training to ensure you don't overtrain, check out this post.   I was happy to see that they were Peloton compatible.  I use this one because it is the cheapest.  I can't really tell the difference with the cheaper "soft strap":

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My Home Peloton Gym

My Home Peloton Gym

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