Welcome to my streak.  One hundred days of straight Peloton.

6 Things I learned from My 100 Day Peloton Streak

Number One:  There’s a class for every occasion… yes even when the occasion is you got home late after an unexpected happy hour.

Life gets in the way, doesn’t it?  There is always one more email to send, one more episode to watch… Peloton is perfect for when life gets in the way.  During the 100 day streak (from August-November 2017), most days I did a 45 minute class.  But some days, it was bedtime and I still hadn’t gotten it in.  Or I was coming down with some cold and the prospect of a class felt a little less glittery-sexy than it normally did.  On those days, Peloton came down from on high and said, Let there be 20 minute classes.  Twenty minutes.  Who can’t do that?  Add on top of that the prospect of controlling your own resistance and anything seems achievable.  

Number Two: Recovery is Key… every class isn’t a proving ground. 

I didn’t do a hard core ride every day.  In fact, every other day, I did an endurance ride.  Riding hard every day doesn’t allow your muscles to recovery and you ultimately don’t become as strong.  Taking recovery rides such as low impact rides every other day makes you more hard core than trying to be hard core all the time.  

Number Three:  It Takes 6 Weeks… no matter how hard you try.

Source: Flickr/Sandra Saluda

Source: Flickr/Sandra Saluda

I thought maybe, just maybe, since I was doing this every.dang.day. that I wouldn’t have to wait as long before I saw changes in my total class output or average watts.  I was wrong.  I saw some of my skills improve; I could achieve higher cadence in third position, for example after only a couple of weeks.  But, it still took 6 weeks before I started seeing those higher numbers, breaking PRs, etc.

Number Four:  The Resistance Knob… Turn to the left!  

Source: Flickr/kingviskiwi

Source: Flickr/kingviskiwi

Where O Where is the resistance knob for the REST of my life?!   My favorite thing to say to myself in order to get myself on the bike is: you control the resistance.  No where else in my life do I get to control the resistance.  I can convince myself to get on the bike by telling myself I’ll just keep the resistance low.  Usually after about 5-10 minutes, I’ve put it back in my normal range, but the choice gives me power.  Also, I’ll try crazy-high resistance numbers by telling myself the same thing--you can always turn to the left.

Number Five:  The Power of Momentum

Everyone waits until New Years to make these resolutions.  But the power of a streak is that you can start one and end one at any time.  Once you string along a certain number of days, you are much less likely to break the streak.  Not sure you can really keep up a habit?  Just try a small streak, like 10 days.  Take a rest.  Then try a 20 day streak.  As a teacher by profession, I believe that anything can be learned if we break it down into small enough, manageable enough chunks.  

Number Six:  The Importance of Novelty Among Consistency



Consistency is what the streak is all about, but without novelty the streak would be impossible.  Every couple of weeks, I needed to add in a little something extra or different.  I would challenge myself to do ALL of the arms.  I joined a facebook group that wakes up and rides together at the break of insanity-dawn (hi, #5:15tribe).  I joined a facebook fan-groupie page for one of the instructors.  I bought some crazy glide-slide disks that I did lunges on after every Monday workout.  Whatever it is, if your motivation starts to wane, add in a bit of novelty!


Happy Riding! 

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