Welcome to my streak.  One hundred days of straight Peloton.

Top Gifts for the Peloton Rider

Top Gifts for the Peloton Rider

Top Gifts for the Peloton Rider

Let's face it! We are generating a lot of heat on these bikes. I've got two fan on me while I ride, but when I bought this third fan, that clip's on the bike... that's when I really felt it!

In the beginning, I just took whatever ride looked good. Then, I put up a vision board--pictures of buff folks, inspirational sayings--right next to a plan for the week of what rides I wanted to take. Once the Vision Board went up and I could see it during my ride, I became a much more consistent rider.

There are those that run out of water during a ride and those that completely forget to drink! If you are a person that forgets, let this little trinket remind you. It will light up like a front room rider with a shout-out to remind you to hydrate. Bonus: If you buy it in black, it matches the bike!

I keep one of these in the fridge and I take it out at the end of my ride for a final wipeboard. It instantly cools me and has become a little treat I look forward to. Bonus, soak it in water with a drop of sucalyptus oil and you'll feel your lungs open up and your family members more willing to stay within close proximity until you shower.

For those of you who just can't be away from the phone for forty-five minutes... for those of you who have dropped the phone while trying to text and ride... Here's your phone mount. Super easy to install on the bars.

End the shoe stink! Add these into your bike shoes to neutralize that "hard work" smell.

For those of you who sweat "Matt Wilpers" level of sweat and don't have the Peloton team to mop up after you ride, consider this full coverage Peloton-specific sweat towel!

Monkey see... monkey do! You may think this isn't a gift for a Peloton rider, but if you've got a mom who has a little one who can't wait to get their own leaderboard handle, this could keep them excited for some tandem rides!

I've used these bubble maps to track many streaks! It is fun to pop a bubble everytime you ride!

Don't forget the Pelo-Pups! Most of my dog-lover Peloton rider-friends have a few shots of their dogs living the life while they sweat it out. Keep them close and cute with this dog sofa right at the front of your bike.

Coffee Tour:  Visiting the Mothership

Coffee Tour: Visiting the Mothership

300 Rides Later:  Update!

300 Rides Later: Update!