Welcome to my streak.  One hundred days of straight Peloton.

Coffee Tour:  Visiting the Mothership

Coffee Tour: Visiting the Mothership


So you’ve gotten yourself to milestone! Maybe it is time to celebrate that century ride! (Congrats!)

It may not take you long to get to the home studio. I just take a quick subway train. But, I’ve met folks for whom boarding the Mothership, the Peloton Studio on 23rd, where the magic is broadcast, is a once in a lifetime feat. Home riders arrange childcare, board planes, check into hotels, take taxis, and trains and hail Ubers, blow savings, to reach the threshold of the mothership.

Here they will take a class with the instructors who have cheered them on from afar. They want acknowledgment in their shout-out, they want to see in 3D the people who have told them not to cut corners, not to give up, to show up and kill it for themselves, as an example for others or… that it is okay to modify. Reach for that 120 cadence. Try for your highest output. Chase that PR.

And now they are here, in Chelsea, on a wide, multi-laned 23rd street, around the corner from the famous Flatiron Building, just a block away from a great view of the Empire State Building. And I’m guessing, after all of that effort, you’ve got one thing on your mind: coffee.

This isn’t a guide to the home studio; I’ve already posted that here.

This is a neighborhood coffee guide. I run a website about NYC Coffee called NYC Under Grounds and I lead tours about NYC Coffee. If you are local consider joining my meet-up group NYC Coffee Hunters.

So, without further ado, these are my choices for best coffee in the Mothership/Home Studio Hood. As Ally would say, Are you ready? Yes or Yes. As Robin would say, you’re welcome.

#1 Joe Coffee

Welcome to one of our first third wave coffee roasters. This is there pro shop! That means that in the back they are busy training baristas and leading classes on how to brew the best cup of coffee. On their daily drip, you will find some of their edges coffees as well as some crowd pleasers. To work in their pro shop, you have to be top notch, so expect an expertly pulled espresso here.

Learn more about their roastery in my tour of their Brooklyn roastery here.

Learn more about their classes which are open to the public here in my post about taking their home brew class.

#2 Gotham Coffee Roasters

A true geek’s coffee shop featuring roasts from one of the most talented roasters in America. This is your local’s pick; the one that truly feels insider. Read about their shop in my review here. This is only one shop and it is a passion project. Your couple of bucks will fuel the dream and talent that is non-franchised coffee in NYC. The exact opposite of Starbucks.

#3 Parlor Coffee (formerly Toby’s Estate Coffee)

This cute shop is part Strand Bookstore Annex, part high end clothing store, part coffee shop. Parlor Coffee roasts in Williamsburg Brooklyn and was stared by a couple of Aussies. This spot is adorable and is often flocked by dogs tied to the front bench in the warm weather.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you over a cup of coffee and the mothership soon. I’ll be the first (or the hundredth) to high five or fist bump you as you reach another benchmark. Thanks tribe.

Join me for a coffee tour of NYC here!

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