Welcome to my streak.  One hundred days of straight Peloton.

Peloton Studio Visit: The London Edition

Peloton Studio Visit: The London Edition


This summer’s family vacay was to London where I had the pleasure of listening to my family complain about the lack of air conditioning and ice in the water at the restaurants. (Who knew I came from royalty?!)

But on the upside, I looked up the Peloton studio and signed myself up for a class. Everything was completely different from the NYC studio. So, let’s talk about this strange Peloton world on the other side of the pond….


ONE: The class is free! You sign up online with just a click! There was only one class that day! This is so much less of a hassle that the set up in NYC where you make sure you have enough money in your account, sign-in, figure out which bike you are on, etc.

TWO: It is in kind of an unmarked building and a very friendly Peloton staff member meets you downstairs as a greeting. Mainly this space is a production studio turned into a quick spin class.

THREE: The staff is ridiculously friendly and want to chat with you about where you are from and how the class went. It felt very personable!

FOUR: There is only two rows of bikes and everyone is in a tiny U-shape around the instructor. Ben who taught my class chatted with us and the distance between instructor and riders felt much more reduced.

FIVE: They gave us free drinks afterwards just for coming! What?!

SIX: There are only two showers, but no line for them so it didn’t really matter much. Also, the showers are nicer than in NYC and felt newer, but maybe that is from a lack of use?

Ultimately, the whole experience felt more personal. My quick chat with Ben after class to get my photo felt less like a hassle than it sometimes cane when we line up for photos with the bodyguard on the side with the NYC Peloton-celebrities on our side of the pond. The hospitality of the whole team was absolutely impeccable. They were all writing down the name of my tiny blog and congratulating me on the one hundred day steak that started it all. So adorable!

Of course, everyone is a buzz about how this tiny studio is just a start before the open their super studio (just as NYC is expanding there’s to a super studio by Hudson Yards), but this experience reminded me of why I first began to love spin. Community still thrives on this smaller scale. Thanks again Peloton London!

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Peloton London you were over-the-top perfect!

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